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The SCAG SKD Rules in English

e-mail to SKD@SCAG.SE

SKD - every New Year's Day - every Midsummer Day

Welcome to Straight Key Day here are the rules in English

When? Every year on New Years Day (January 1) and Mid Summer Day (date varies, check here for info)
First pass: kl. 06.00 - 11.00 UTC
Second pass: kl. 15.00 - 20.00 UTC.

Where? Shortwave band segments 3530-3560, 7020-7040 KHz

How? Only CW / morse code by use of a straight key

Scoring: In your log you give the stations you have worked a figure of merit/score ranging from 1.0 to 5.0. The higher the number, the better you consider the CW you are hearing. The final score is calculated by the adjudicator. You need to be found in ata least five logs to be able to qualify for a valid score in the competition. All your scores are summed up and then divided by the number of logs you appear in to achieve the final score.

Prizes: Special prizes will be awarded. There is also raffle to win, you need to be found in at least five logs to qualify for a raffle ticket. Make sure you make enough QSOs!

Logs: Your log must contain the following parameters: your own call, the call of the other station and your figure of merit/score for the other stations CW. Logs are sent via email to skd@scag.se no later than one week after Straight Key Day. Please add any comments and/or pictures to your log.

73 de SCAG