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The SCAG SKD Rules

e-mail to SKD@SCAG.SE

SKD - every New Year's Day - every Midsummer's Day

SKD New Year's Day will take place Jan 1st 2017,  0800-2200 UTC.


SKD is no ”contest”. The goal is to give us a pleasant opportunity
to work CW-QSOs at a convenient speed using a hand key.
The competition is to work the most beautiful CW ever heard.


0800 - 2200 UTC

Frequency bands in KHz

The competitors are asked to work in the 7, 10 and 14 MHz bands
to give non-scandinavian friends and colleagues better opportunities
to QSO Scandinavians.


Only CW using a hand key


In every QSO, in your log, the style of your counter operator's morse code shall be marked 1.0 - 5.0 according to your personal opinion.

The final mark will be calculated by the SKD manager in the following manner.
The number of received marks must be five or more to get into the list.
So, work more than five stations to be sure.
The sum of all QSO-marks will be divided by the number of marks received.
Thus the maximum mark will be 5.0


Diplomas to those who send in their logs.SKD Straight Key Award
will be awarded to those who send in their logs.
The Diplomas for winter+summer will be distributed in the late fall.


Any kind of log is appreciated, as long as it is e-mailed.
The log excerpts shall contain at least:
Your logs must be sent within one week after the SKD day.
Please add comments or tell us about nice SKD experiences.
Please send your logs with e-mail, to SKD@scag.se
Then it will be possible for the SKD manager to QSL your log!

No snail mail please.

73 and BCNU
Lars sm0oy
SKD Manager